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Scrollmersive lets your audience explore engaging 3D content at the tips of their fingers.

Unlock powerful narratives in 3D simply by scrolling.

Scrollmersive is valued by:


  • Scrollmersive is lightweight and fast.
  • Deliver stunning visuals at a fraction of the bandwidth cost of comparable video animations.
  • Scrollmersive is interactive, engaging, and offers crisp and clear visuals.


  • Display one or more 3D models
  • Create custom camera paths
  • Play 3D animations
  • Highlight parts of the model
  • Add labels and interactive hotspots

Project Spotlights

Tagesspiegel: BER

Tagesspiegel's innovation unit collaborated with us to show Berlin's new airport BER. We built the 3D model and added the camera flow for users to walk through the site and understand what construction challenges lead to the delay of the opening.

Deutsche Welle: Uighur Sham Trials

Based on investigative research by Germany's international broadcaster Deutsche Welle, we added visual elements to the camera flow that allow viewers to access several stops Uighurs experience in internment camps. We opted for clear aesthetics through which the viewers can focus on the story while the visuals help them understand the complexity of the topic. Find out more about the Uighur Sham Trials.

Our Service

  • We can help you in all stages of your projects.
  • You have a rough idea and want to explore it further?
  • We can help you in all stages of your project

You have a rough idea and want to explore it further? No problem, get in touch!

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Feature Descriptions

3D storytelling made easy

Fully customizable walk-throughs

3D models can be animated

Other media can be added to the story

Add 2D Labels

Immersive and organic advertising

Craft unique experiences for your audience

  • Let them scroll through your 3D story at their own pace!
  • Surprise them with stunning 3D visuals!
  • Let them embrace the dynamic visualizations!
  • Deliver your message with a lasting impact!

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"Scrollmersive wiped my stove and was very handy with a broom. 7/10, I would scroll again!"

- Heinz Strunk